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What to bring:

*Close toed shoes you can get a little dirty

* A Light Jacket




We have a great reputation as an educational, safe and fun environment for people of all ages to learn history and geology. We are also a recognized Colorado State Heritage Program suitable for meeting most school districts state history requirements.

For school groups of 60 or more we will typically reserve the entire grounds making it very easy to keep track of students as well as personalize the experience. We have room for school bus parking with turnaround on site and all educational tours include gold panning and an outdoor talk concerning history, both local and abroad, mining practice past and present, geology and more!

* For more information on the underground portion of the Hidee Mine Tour please see our page here.

* The Minerals Education Coalition has put together some good, age specific teaching resources here.

A Recognized Colorado State Heritage Tour!


September to May, dependent on weather.

Reservations must be made 10 days or more in advance, thank you.

School / University Mine Tour, includes mined gold ore sample, gold panning, outdoor lecture and picnic area at the mine:
$10 and up per person going underground, please email for details

$360 minimum price

Click here for more details on Gold Panning

Frequently Asked Questions:

* What would be the price for our group?
***Our price is a straight $10 per person who goes underground the day of the tour for school groups. This is our lowest discounted rate and available only to schools/universities. We do require a minimum of $360 to reserve the grounds from 10am to 1pm, this includes guided tours, outdoor walks with Colorado History and Geology explained, “keep what you find” gold panning with instruction, and your hand mined gold ore sample from the vein. For example with 30 people your price would be $360, for 45 people your price would be $450.

*Is there a tour guide?
***Yes, we have qualified guides at every station (gold panning, outdoor walk, and underground)

*How long is the tour?
*** Please plan on being at the mine for approximately 3 hours, with smaller groups we can shorten this time if you would prefer. The underground portion of the tour is capped by size for the enjoyment and safety of everyone and is approximately 45 minutes to an hour with stops to talk about geology, how to mine and the students mining for take home samples. Panning, Outdoor History/Geology Walk and Lunch take the remainder of the time.

*Would it be suited for 4th and 5th graders?
*** This is well suited for 4th/5th graders. We are a State Recognized Colorado Heritage Tour and meet most school board requirements for “Colorado History” and the kids love the hands on excitement of safely mining for gold ore specimens which they can bring home with them.

*Is there an area we could eat lunch, or could you suggest an area to eat?
*** We schedule lunch breaks into the days planning and provide tables and trash service. We create and send to you a schedule of events to distribute to your teachers and chaperons that shows in detail who the groups will be with and what activity they should be at through the day. There are also nearby picnic areas and Central City, Black Hawk and Idaho Springs all provide lunch options.

The discount on our educational tours is made possible by the generous support of members and friends of the Hidee Gold Mine. If you wish to be more involved please click here for more information, thank you!



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